Cheryl has counseled individuals, couples and groups for 25 years, addressing content ranging from depression to communication issues, anxiety to work-life balance.  With a transpersonal approach, she holds the belief and truth that her clients inherently know what they need to heal. They need a safe space and witness who can "hear" the unspoken spaces between the lines of their words, to help reflect back the wisdom embodied.  With Cheryl's compassionate, nonjudgmental approach, clients feel safe to discover their deepest healing, within.  


Cheryl has engaged in personal spiritual and self-development practices for 30 years.  The combination of her personal wisdom and psychological knowledge creates an environment for her clients to be held and heard from a deeply profound place.  The sessions are meant to spark life and insight, and significant, positive change happens in her client's lives.  Cheryl shares,  "What unfolds in a session is as much a surprise and grace to me as it is to my clients.  That's where things feel magical.  We come to a shared moment together, where we both know something remarkable is happening.  It is happening to me, too. I grow by giving my highest Self to you.  It is the greatest privilege to know my clients, to witness their amazing growth and transformations.  I am continually inspired by the incredible courage my clients show up with."


Cheryl holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master's Degree from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California.  

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