What You Will Learn in the Level One Retreat


How your "NARRATIVES of SUFFERING & PAIN" are created. 


How your oppressive beliefs are a byproduct of social conditioning.


How to change your reality by changing your language. 


What your "SUFFERING" reveals about the "SACRED GIFTS" you must share with others. 


How to stop assigning meaning to "STUFF"


How to break free from your sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.

How to rewrite the "SHAME" narrative in your life.


How to use “RESILIENCE” principles for a life of joy and happiness. 


How to determine your current mindset and change it! 


Grounding techniques to keep you in the present moment (out of your painful past.).


The power of aromatherapy, music, and meditation...practical exercises! 



What You Will Learn in the Level Two Retreat​

How to understand your brain chemistry and its role in suffering. 

How old "WOUNDS" impact all your RELATIONSHIPS.

Why we CONTROL others and how to STOP.

How to create a LIMIT-FREE life.​

How to question yourself to discover your deepest sadness.

How to THRIVE through the "DARK night of the SOUL."

How to live with no ATTACHMENTS.​

Understanding chakras and how they work ENERGETICALLY.

How to see yourself as a DIVINELY beautiful person.


How to not be STUCK in your PAST history. 


How to step fully into your GIFTS.


How to hold SACRED SPACE for others.




What You Will Learn in the Level Three Retreat

 How to live your life-PURPOSE.

How to live fully in your sacred GIFTS.

How to CELEBRATE your INNER child.

How to harness the power of meditation and prayer.

How to use the HO'OPONOPONO method for healing your soul.

How to see yourself as a VESSEL of love. 

How to lovingly communicate with yourself and others.

How to become your own VOICE OF REASON. 

How to live principles of resiliency in your daily life. 

How to get the LOVING relationship you deserve. 

How to use KUNDALINI energy to improve your sex life. 

How to embrace TWIN FLAMES and SOUL Mates in your life.  


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