You WIll Benefit from the Level One Retreat by...

  • Developing the skills to change the current direction of your life.

  • Experiencing an awakening of your senses.

  • INCREASING your vibrational energy.

  • Expanding your AWARENESS of unconditional love for yourself & others

  • Developing a GREATER sense of purpose in your life.

  • Experiencing more connection and love in all your relationships

  • Stepping out of you past SUFFERING and into the JOY of the mindful present moment.

You Will Benefit from the Level Two Retreat by...

  • Understanding the reasons RELATIONSHIPS fail to THRIVE!

  • Identifying how ATTACHMENTS keep you STUCK in suffering. 

  • Knowing how to use the MIRROR technique to better understand conflict and growth in your life.

  • Learning how to work with CHAKRAS to align your SOUL.

  • Learning how to use your VIBRATIONAL energy to create a joy-filled life.

  • Experiencing how to step out of a FIXED and stagnant REALITY.

  •  Identifying your personal "GIFTS" and learning how to live them.

  • Learning how to create grounding and sacred spaces for healing.


You Will Benefit From The Level Three Retreat by...

  • Learning how to live your Life PURPOSE.

  • Understanding how to harness the power of prayer, meditation, and forgiveness.

  • Experiencing how the "VESSEL" theory works in your life. 

  • Learning how to love yourself and others UNCONDITIONALLY.

  • Practicing how to be your own VOICE OF REASON. 

  • Developing skills to live a more resilient life.

  • Learning how to use the CHAKRAS to heal your life energetically. 

  • Creating the LOVE you have always desired. 

  • Learning how to experience SOUL-UNITING sexual experiences. 


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