A Divine Letter of Hope

Dear Soul,

I know there are days when you feel like you have no place in the world, that things can't get any worse, and there is really very little purpose to life, but I want to assure you, these feelings you are having are just a story you are telling yourself; a 'narrative of suffering" that you are choosing. This narrative of pain is an illusion you are living, and it is based on conditions, judgment, and expectations you have imposed upon yourself. This story of oppression is also a tool you use to keep yourself from living up to your full potential. I understand that you feel "tired" and you wish "life was easier," but these feelings and beliefs are also nothing more than another layer of suffering that you have created. You are in charge of every impression, thought, belief, and rule that dominates your thoughts. You are in full control of every judgment, expectation, and condition you have about the world and you can change every one of them! I am aware that you sometimes feel scattered and distracted, but this is nothing more than you running from your illusions of fear; fear based on some belief you hold about how to be safe and secure in the world. This scattered and distracted nature is also a self-sabotaging technique you are using to reinforce your story of insignificance. The more scattered and distracted you feel, the more you reinforce a tale of failure that you are choosing to believe. I know you have had experiences with others that have made you feel sad, insignificant, broken, and unworthy, but these people, regardless of how challenging, are nothing more than teachers along your journey. I understand some of these people have done very mean things to you, but they did so because they are also living with a wound of unworthiness. People hurt others because others have hurt them. Humans have a pattern of repeating abuse because they have never learned to address the core wounds of insignificant. As for them being "teachers," you will heal much quicker if you can look at each person that has victimized you as a person with a lesson you needed to learn. Please know, I do not think these people were right in their actions, I understand that they made choices to wound you out of their woundedness. They either didn't know any better, or they are in so much pain that they have limited ability to be kind and you happened to be on the receiving end of their pain. Every person chooses to be kind, unkind, loving, or hateful; every person chooses to live within a positive or negative vibration in the world. Do everything in your power to keep your life focused on gratitude and positivity. Try to live as lightly in the world as you can and do not deliberately hurt others. One final thing, take full responsibility for every choice you make in the present moment. Every time you feel like a victim, step out of the story and step fully into the present moment. When you see yourself as a victim to any person or circumstance, you are resurrecting a story of oppression from your past, and you are not taking responsibility for creating the best "present" moment. I think you occasionally struggle with the meaning of life, so let me break it down for you! The purpose of life is straightforward, discover the Divinity within you. Each human is on a journey called a "lifetime" to learn lessons about love and how to be the most unconditionally loving person possible. You might wonder why some people are naturally more thoughtful than others, but the answer is simple. Your evaluation of how someone loves is nothing more than a reflection of how you love yourself and how you define and experience love. You rank the loving or unloving nature of others based on the stories you hold about how you need to feel loved and how you express love. Don't get me wrong, some people are so wounded by their stories of oppression and suffering, that they struggle to be loving and often spew their stories of pain onto others. These people are most disconnected from the Divine within them, and if you have a greater sense of your DIvinity, you are a threat to them. When it comes to the meaning of life, do everything in your power to recognize that you were perfectly made, are not flawed in any way, and are on a path to learn and evolve into the most loving version of yourself. Celebrate the opportunity to love in every moment of your life. BTW, if you want to be the most unconditionally loving version of yourself, practice the following: do not judge yourself or others, stay entirely out of your painful stories from your past, value and appreciate every aspect of creation as integrated and connected, and do no intentional harm to anything. To do all of this, you must live fully in the present moment, you cannot live in your past at all, and you must no longer believe the foolish narrative of unworthiness that you hold. Now to the brass tacks of it all, your wound of unworthiness is keeping you disconnected to all perfection in the Universe. The stories of oppression you choose to harbor are limiting your ability to learn and grow, are dividing you from others, and ultimately, limiting your ability to serve others with greater unconditional love. This story of unworthiness you hold is your direct link to your past. The story is like a prison that keeps you out of your Divine power.


The Divine

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