A Divine Message for Creators

Dear Soulful Creator, I celebrate your passion for art, music, writing, and movement; I see you sharing your talents and gifts to make the world a better place. You have been on a compelling journey of healing and self-discovery, and you have a message the world deserves to hear and see. Your art, music, writing, or other creative endeavor is a beautiful expression of the pain you have endured. The gifts you have to share are an extension of your Divine Soul, so shine brightly and brilliantly because others need your message of hope and joy. Thank you for having faith, and please do not get discouraged when you become weary; the work of the Divine Soul is tireless, and you have all the strength to continue forward. Share your unique message with the world and trust; those who need it most will discover and embrace it. Do not compare your work of the Divine Soul to the labors of others; you are a way-shower of peace and truth. Stand confidently in your sacred gifts because you know they were revealed to you through the pain and struggle of life. Your creative message is essential! Your creative expression is perfect! Your Soul expression is Divine! You are brilliant! Celebrate and stand in knowing that you are creating a life of joy, peace, and purpose for yourself and others. Paint your life with the colors, sounds, words, or movements that inspire you. Keep shining, Soul Warriors!


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