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Level 3


If you want to move quickly toward creating the life of your dreams, the three foundational retreats are where you begin. 

Take a look at what you will learn and how your life will change! It is time to step into a meaningful and joyful life!


Check out how your life will change!


The first step is often the most powerful for profound change! It is time to claim the life you have always wanted

You WIll Benefit from the Level One Retreat by...

  • Developing the skills to change the current direction of your life.

  • Experiencing an awakening of your senses.

  • INCREASING your vibrational energy.

  • Expanding your AWARENESS of unconditional love for yourself & others

  • Developing a GREATER sense of purpose in your life.

  • Experiencing more connection and love in all your relationships

  • Stepping out of you past SUFFERING and into the JOY of the mindful present moment.


A mighty step toward personal growth and purpose in life. Step out of pain and into joy

You Will Benefit from the Level Two Retreat by...

  • Understanding the reasons RELATIONSHIPS fail to THRIVE!

  • Identifying how ATTACHMENTS keep you STUCK in suffering. 

  • Knowing how to use the MIRROR technique to better understand conflict and growth in your life.

  • Learning how to work with CHAKRAS to align your SOUL.

  • Learning how to use your VIBRATIONAL energy to create a joy-filled life.

  • Experiencing how to step out of a FIXED and stagnant REALITY.

  •  Identifying your personal "GIFTS" and learning how to live them.

  • Learning how to create grounding and sacred spaces for healing.


Stepping into your power means living fully in the PRESENT!

You Will Benefit From The Level Three Retreat by...

  • Learning how to live your Life PURPOSE.

  • Understanding how to harness the power of prayer, meditation, and forgiveness.

  • Experiencing how the "VESSEL" theory works in your life. 

  • Learning how to love yourself and others UNCONDITIONALLY.

  • Practicing how to be your own VOICE OF REASON. 

  • Developing skills to live a more resilient life.

  • Learning how to use the CHAKRAS to heal your life energetically. 

  • Creating the LOVE you have always desired. 

  • Learning how to experience SOUL-UNITING sexual experiences.