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  • 30-Day Soul Explorer

    Exploring the EXPANSE of your SOUL
    Valid for one month
    • One-hour Deep Dive Coaching session with Trey Malicoat
    • Four One-hour group coaching calls
    • 100-Question Soul Discovery Journaling Guide & Workbook
  • Rapid Transformation

    Soul Intensive

    A Rapid Deep Discovery of the SOUL
    Valid for one month
    • Four Online Group Discovery Sessions (5 total)--2 Hours Each
    • 100-Question Soul-Discovery Journaling Guide & Workbook
    • One-Hour Power Personal Coaching Session With Trey Malicoat
  • Conquering Fear

    Create a Life of Joy, Peace & Purpose
    Valid for one month
    • Four Online Group Coaching Sessions--One Hour Weekly
    • Comprehensive Workbook & Handouts
    • One-hour Live Fear-Busting Live Coaching Session with Trey
Are you ready to step fully out of fear and live life with gusto? If you are tired of fear, anxiety, and depression, let's journey together!
Join me for an online support group process that will involve 10 people or less. Build community, heal your wounds, and boldly create a life of Joy, Peace & Purpose.
This package is valued at $429, but you participate for only $129. Register Today!
All group sessions will be recorded for future reference for participants only!
Support groups will be held on Tuesday Evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST
Groups Beginning January 8th, 2019
Additional groups will be added based on demand!