Susie Pitts, former event planner and marketing coordinator for small companies left the business world to dedicate herself to being of service to others.  She is a Grief Companion and End of Life Coach.  Relatively new disciplines in death and dying, she dedicates her life to being present for families and loved ones facing imminent death or, for those recovering from a recent loved one’s passing.  Susie brings over 20 years of Hospice experience helping countless individuals and families through painful sorrow and grief to the other side where the heaviness of sadness begins to lift. 


"When someone we love is soon to pass or, has suddenly died, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness combine leaving people in a state of shock, despair and loneliness". 


Through compassionate listening and years of understanding the grief process of loss she will be there to help you through the healing process.  She offers deep listening, legacy writing, end of life planning and resource guidance to those struggling with the multitude of devastating emotions that accompany a sudden death whether it be from the current Covid19 virus or, whether a parent, sibling or friend is given a terminal diagnosis from cancer or other illness.

Susie is a Certified Medical Assistant, worked in OB-GYN for over 10 years and recently became an Ordained Minister, she attended both University of Oregon and Oregon State University.  A native Oregonian she lives in the Portland area. Upon rising every morning she reminds herself that her calling is to be an instrument of peace and asks, "How can I be of service today?"

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