You have the POWER to create a life of JOY, MEANING, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

In my early career as a therapist, I remember wondering why people never got better even after hours of counseling. I could blame myself for not being effective, but I actually think it is a much more insidious problem. People do not get better because they have personal narratives that keep them sick and in dis-ease. Modern-day psychology has got it all wrong. People are much more than a diagnosis, label, treatment plan, and next appointment. Individuals are much more complex than the simple framework of modern psychology. 


Over the last 20 years, I have studied and worked with hundreds of clients and over this time, perfected a model for helping people truly heal! By looking at the core wounds and painful experiences in life, you can identify core messages that drive your feelings and actions. These stories rule every aspect of your life. If you are suffering, it is time to discover the core wound and oppressive messages and liberate yourself from them. 


I am clinically trained in Psychology and studied Social Constructionism and Acute Trauma. Social Constructionism is based on the premise that human beings create their REALITY; we form our world through what we believe and perceive. Acute Trauma is a very specialized form of therapy for people who have major catastrophes in their lives like bombings, plane crashes, suicides, and murder.  In fact, I have participated in multiple in-field responses to many of the major social traumas like the Columbine High School Shooting, the attack on the World Trade Center, the Springfield High School shooting, and the PULSE Nightclub shooting in Orlando. In addition, I have worked individually with some of the most wounded people both as the Director of a Children's grief center, as an adjunct professor at Western Oregon and Oregon State University and the University of Denver, and as a private therapist. 


Ten years ago, I began to write my current book and I developed a new model for rapid personal change. Instead of working with clients weekly for 12 sessions or more, I started doing DEEP-DIVE intensives over a three or four-day period. I work with the client in their own home or where they are most comfortable. The proof has been in the pudding and each of the clients has created a new life for themselves. After I worked with Michael for four days, he called me two weeks later after he returned from a two-week vacation. I was most honored when he said, "Trey when I got home from my vacation after our work together, I walked into my condo and realized that I didn't live there anymore. The old Michael was gone and a new Michael had arrived. Thanks so much for giving me the tools and understanding to change my life."


I am now a man on a mission to give 1,000,000 people the information, tools, and support they need to step fully out of suffering and step boldly into a life a purpose and joy. By the way, if we work together, you will FINALLY be able to liberate yourself from personal pain; every aspect of your life will change if you join me on this journey. 


Just in case you are wondering about my presentation style, I am a storyteller and love to inspire. I am also a researcher and social observer. When I do a presentation, I am not a talking head, I am a master facilitator. Participants are engaged in a process of change. Over my career, I have worked with thousands of people around the US and abroad.



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